Children And Youth


Crèche (age 0 to 3)
Babies and toddlers are well cared for during the 11am church service, in their own room at the rear of the church building, within easy reach of parents. If for any reason your child is unhappy, one of the crèche carers will come and find you in church.

Little Stars (4-10)
Our Little Stars stay with us in church for praise and prayers, but head out into the ASC Centre for their own, age specific activities before the sermon. Alongside their favourite crafts & cookies, they’ll learn all about our great big God and what he has done for us.

Bible Class (age 11 to 14)
Our High School kids stay in the main church for praise and prayers, but head out for the lounge just before the sermon. In Bible Class, they gather around on comfy sofas and get stuck into God’s Word through a talk and some discussion questions. Rumour has it that they sometimes have pizza, but that can’t be confirmed…