Church Weekend 2015: True Freedom with Peter Jensen (Galatians)


A series of talks by Peter Jensen at the All Saints’ Church Weekend 2015, 19-21 June 2015

Before serving as Archbishop of Sydney (2001-2013), Peter was the Principal of Moore Theological College from 1985, where he lectured in systematic & biblical theology. Alongside being known as an author, gifted preacher and a prominent leader in global Anglicanism, he is one of the founding members of GAFCON (Global Anglican Future Conference).

Title: “True Freedom:  The Apostolic Authority”
Reading: Galatians 1:1 – 2:14

Download as mp3 file –  True Freedom: The Apostolic Authority

Title: “True Freedom:  Boasting in the Law”

Reading: Galatians 2:15 – 3:22

Download as mp3 file –  True Freedom: Boasting in the Law

Title: “True Freedom:  Boasting in the Cross”

Reading: Galatians 3:23 – 5:1

Download as mp3 file –  True Freedom: Boasting in the Cross

Title: “True Freedom:  A New Creation”

Reading: Galatians 5:2 – 6:10

Download as mp3 file –  True Freedom: A New Creation

Title: “Discussion: Mission minded with Peter Jensen”

Download as mp3 file –  Discussion: Mission minded with Peter Jensen

Title: “Believing the Incredible”

Reading: Luke 15:11-32

Download as mp3 file –  Believing the Incredible